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Why does Hill Beat need you?
Hill Beat or hillbeat.in is an effort to be a think-tank for Himachal by the means of grassroots journalism.

What is a think-tank?

Think-tank is a conglomeration of people who’d come up with solutions to problems and influence government policies. However, the idea here is not to go to the government with problems. Instead become a facilitator to the government with solutions. You have a problem, come up with a solution. We’ll strive to implement it ourselves first and bring in the government only if needed. The think-tank also strives to influence public mindsets in a positive way.

What is grassroots journalism?
It is an effort on the lines of citizen journalism, where citizens become reporters. Citizens send in stories. But we love to call it grassroots journalism as we intend not to cover hardcore news. We leave that to the mainstream media. We love to call our effort as grassroots journalism because our initiative heavily has a social aspect, where the journalists just don’t report, but come up with solutions. That however does not mean, we do not cover mainstream news. We do, if we find if it’s being reported for the first time. The idea is not to just throw stats at the reader, but analyse what’s happening. For example… everybody loves to talk about Himachal as Number one state in education. Everyone loves to throw stats at the reader about the high literacy. However, we want to tell the reader, what exactly is being done to encourage education.

How can one help Hill Beat?
By being our grassroots journalist and by writing for us. Also, if you like our effort, you can send in your donations to us, which can be taken up to reward our writers. This also can be used for paying for server space, domain name and bandwidth usage.

So how does one start?
Start by Registering with us. You’ll be registered as a Subscriber. Then send us your writings to editor [at] himvani [dot] com. As for donations, look for details below.

Is it mandatory to register to write articles for Him vani?
No. It isn’t. You can directly send us your articles to editor [at] himvani [dot] com. However, registration allows us to send important mails to writers at a click of a button. It also allows us to raise your status from a ‘Subscriber’ to ‘Author’ or ‘Editor’ over a course of time, once we see you are capable enough to handle articles on your own. As it is a voluntary initiave, we’d like everyone to take the ownership on themselves. For that we need to build trust and that comes over a period of time.

Does Hill Beat pay for writing articles?
No, it doesn’t. Hill Beat is a voluntary effort and what binds us, is the passion for Himachal. However, over a course of time (that can take two years/three years or more) we’d like to reach a stage where with voluntary donations we are in a position to reward our writers.

So what’s the reward a writer gets by writing for Hill ?

The reward is satisfaction for doing something for the state. Also, you get a Byline and credit for your work.

But can’t one just start his/her own blog?
Yes, and we welcome that. More the merrier. However, Hill Beat gives a single platform and is a one-stop shop for all the news and views related to Himachal.

So what can one write on?
Anything related to Himachal. If you are a good cook, send us some Himachali recipes. If you are a good story writer, document some folklore and send it to us. You noticed something unusual, write it to us and share it with people here. If you are doctor, send us health tips and tell us your experiences. If you are student, tell us your experiences in school/college. Do you have a solution to a problem (WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE THAT) you noticed… whether be a parking problem or water problem in your locality, send it us. You are an entrepreneur, want to share your success story, send it us. (Remember: Sharing knowledge increases knowledge).

Once again… How to start?
Register here
And then start sending us your articles to editor [at] himvani [dot] com

Note: Read email ids without spaces and [at] as @ and [dot] as . These have been done to prevent spambots from grabbing email ids.

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